Around the world flight!! In one stop! @EGCC 161900ZFEB19

Server: Training

Aircrafts/Livery’s: A380-800,747,8I and the 777-200LR In any Livery you want


Time: 1900Z

NOTAM This event takes place over 2 Days and There is Limited Aircrafts Flight time will go into the night for people in GMT and other times but I can’t do anything about it

I want flight time to be a total of 45-47 Hours as the record is about 47-48 hours!


EGCC Ground

EGCC Tower

EGCC Approach

PNHL Ground

PNHL Tower

PNHL Departure


Terminal 2!

Gate 203

Gate 204

Gate 205

Gate 206

Gate 207

Gate 208

Gate 209

Gate 210

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