Around the World Flight[CANCELLED}


For my early cakeday(because I can’t fly on my actual cakeday), I’ve decided to create a group flight going from DEC16, to Jan 14, to give a wide range of time. We’ll start and end at RDU, However, we won’t be crossing the Pacific
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The Event button wasn’t working for me either, until I reloaded. Try reloading.


I cannot join due to the event being at 12:00 AM

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i’ll def be joining this one

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Working great!

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Ok everyone, just fixed something, you can rejoin!

Bump! waiting for more people!

@TheBest @Butter575 you can rejoin now…

I can make it. Sorry. It might change tho.

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Added some extra destinations!

I guess Ill take this

Can i get this?

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Thanks for the spot!

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Is there a specific departure time?

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This event is now sponsored by @TheBest! Here is his event:

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I’ll take GTS at KRDU on the 18th!

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Got It! (10)

first and last leg have normal times, i’ll add everyone to a group chat to see who can fly on the legs in between

Is it ok if I depart at 7:00 AM EST?

@TheBest @MrGoatX @American367 @member_of_oneworld @whyevenbothernaming @Butter575 @IFlyer you can press the RSVP button