Around the world deliveries

Like around Sunday (or DEC20) I decided to plan my around the world trip from Fairbanks-Yellowknife-New York-Kangerlussaq-Glasgow-Platov-Moscow-Mumbai-Shenzhen-Anchorage as many legs from and back to Fairbanks and it’s almost Christmas since it’s a Christmas delivery trip also


All flights in expert

Bye Fairbanks!

Good evening New York from Yellowknife

Coming by dark Greenland and inbound for landing

Looking nice

Coming by Germany and heading to a Russian Airport as Platov

And now bound for Moscow! (Other other airport)

Passing by Middle East countries for Mumbai

After another medium haul and landing for Shenzhen

And here comes the longest flight in this trip as it took as long as 9-10 hours

Departing out of its Big cargo hub and returning to Fairbanks after a 3-4 Day trip across some countries


Leg 9 photo is pretty much a failed moonshot since IT KEEPS MOVING

This is all I’ve done but I think this one could be fine

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