Around The World | AIVA from Colombo to Melbourne | Picture Book

As part of our Around The World series, Air India Virtual pilots yesterday took the pleasure to fly the second leg of the series from Colombo, Sri Lanka to Melbourne, Australia.

Air India has a code-share agreement with Sri Lankan Airlines, which is how we are able to fly this route as part of our world tour.

Route: VCBI - YMML
Flight time: roughly 9 hours
Server: Expert Server
Scheduled time: 2020-05-09T06:00:00Z2020-05-09T16:00:00Z

If you’d like to join us and take part in these weekly flights, you can visit our thread here: [NEW!] Air India Virtual | Official Thread | 2020

Early morning start in Colombo! We have the day ahead of us for the long haul to Australia!

Our CEO prepares for take-off in this heavy bird!

Rolling over the ‘tea plains’ of Sri Lanka.

AIVA pilots gave their farewells to South Asia as we won’t be returning to this part of the world until towards the end of our journey.

Flying over the Indian Ocean. Great time to look at the underbelly of the A330!

Land at last! Approaching Perth, Western Australia.

Breaking shore above the idyllic landscape of South Australia!

Turning on to final towards Runway 34 at Melbourne Airport! The Dandenong Ranges are in view.

Our pilot Parshava (@Parshava) wasted no time in ensuring that all pilots are correctly led to their gates. This was a very nice touch and our pilots really appreciated it.

That’s it folks! We hope you liked the pictures! Be sure to look out for more next week as we head to Auckland, New Zealand!


Beautiful shots, I didn’t know they wrote Visit Srilanka at the bottom 😍


Thank you for the stellar ground service! Don’t get us hooked on it though! xD

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Welcome to one of the world’s most livable cities! The post-landing experience was the best I’ve ever had flying in IF. Ah man…

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3 and, 8th picture, really got me.
That angle looks perfect!


Thank you Zach! Appreciate it!