Around The World - 737 Edition

The Boeing 737 is a landmark aircraft, and one of the biggest successes in aviation. It is operated by many airlines, and can fly to record distances in comparison to its size.


I will be travelling across the globe in the Boeing 737 series. All of the flights I am doing are real-world flight, and I will only be making use of the 737-700, 737-800 and the 737-900. I plan to complete this within the next 6 days, as I feel it is a great way to end of my holiday. The journey will start in London Stansted, and end there, the majority of my flights are all eastbound, excluding the second to last leg.


The journey will consist of 15 flights, and will touch 4 of the 6 flyable continents.

Num Route Aircraft Airline Status
1 London Stansted - Bucharest 737-800 Ryanair Complete
2 Bucharest - Dubai 737-800 FlyDubai Complete
3 Dubai - Kathmandu 737-800 FlyDubai Complete
4 Kathmandu - Kaula Lampur 737-900 Malindo Complete
5 Kaula Lampur - Denpasar 737-800 Malaysian Airlines Complete
6 Denpasar - Sydney 737-800 Virgin Australia Complete
7 Sydney- Nadi 737-800 Qantas Complete
8 Nadi - Honolulu 737-700 Fiji Airways Complete
9 Honolulu - Los Angeles 737-800 Alaskan In-Flight
10 Los Angeles - Salt Lake City 737-700 Southwest Today
11 Salt Lake City - Toronto 737-800 Delta
12 Toronto - Halifax 737-700 Westjet
13 Halifax - Glasgow 737-700/800 Westjet
14 Glasgow - Dublin 737-800 Ryanair
15 Dublin - London Stansted 737-800 Ryanair


Distance Flown (As of Now): 16,574.94 NM
Hours Flown: 41 Hours 21 Minutes
Passengers Carried (estimate): 1512


Good luck! Should be great fun.

Pretty sure this is Denpasar (Bali)

salt lake city toronto?

I’m about to begin my approach into Kathmandu (VNKT). After this, I’ll begin the hop over to Kaula Lampur and hopefully make it to Denpasar by the end of the night. If I feel like staying awake, I’ll do the leg to Melbourne. Tomorrow I plan to try make it to Los Angeles or Salt Lake City.
If you want to watch me land in Kathmandu, spawn in, I’m on Expert and I’ll be using the SIMRA 1R approach.

Landing in WMKK soon. My next flight will most likely be at around 2200Z.

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Don’t disappear. 😉

I’m sure that flight you’re referenceing (MH370) was to Beijing?

Yup. I was aware when I made the joke.

I’m inbound to WADD!

I’m changing this up a bit. I will fly from Denpasar to Brisbane instead of Melbourne, to save a bit of time. The flight to Brisbane itself is longer, but from Brisbane to Nadi is alot shorter


I’m currently inbound to LAX, I’ve just updated th OP with facts so check it out!

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