Around The Rock Landing Competition [LXGB]

Yesterday on the 20th of February, the BAVA events team held a landing competition at none other than the famous yet dangerous Gibraltar airport. We all took off from Ibiza in the A320 in a livery of our choice. Everyone gave their best and we saw some spectacular landings. Congratulations again to @JayIOM on getting first place after a phenomenal landing and to @Boodz_G for second place after an extremely impressive touchdown.

Route: LEIB 🇪🇸 - LXGB 🇬🇧
Aircraft: British Airways A320-200
Server: Casual
Flight Time: 1 hour 13 minutes

Climbing in a rather empty A320 out of Ibiza.

Starting the thrilling turn onto final for runway 09 at Gibraltar.

A quick picture of the first officer’s view.

Seconds before the main gear slammed into kissed the runway.

Thank you for viewing my pictures! As always feedback is greatly appreciated.


Fantastic event to host - glad you enjoyed it!

Love that spot it’s a great location and interesting airport! Thanks for sharing.

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Nice shots! Hold up. Is that A320 in the background of the first picture floating?

Thanks for the positive feedback! Haha, from the angle it looks like the aircraft is floating, but the the landing gear is hiding behind the tail.


Ah yes, that was a very fun event, especially with those escorts we got😂
Great pictures! I see myself :D

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You looked quite slow in that picture. Aim for 130-150 knots with the A320 family!

Oh, and did I say lovely shots? I don’t think I did, so lovely shots man!

From my beloved Ibiza to Gibraltar, great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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Great photos, the first one is especially nice! That was a fantastic event, would have been much easier without the escorts though 😂

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Great event. King of the landings 👑

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I didn’t have any passengers and cargo onboard which is why my speed is lower than usual. There was also a 14kt headwind which is why I was even slower.

Thanks for kind words!

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Nice! That event must’ve been a lot of fun!

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LKGB is a pretty interesting airport! Wish I could’ve attended! Love that cockpit pic.

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Nice pictures!!?