Around the Region Flight #1 (CANCELED) (London Region)

Hello! I will be hosting a group flight in about 10 minutes to a around the region flight in the London Region. Fly in any 787! We will take off from Birmingham and fly around the perimeter of the region (copy my flight plan) and fly back to Birmingham. I will be in an American 787-9 at Gate 12. I would be so happy if you participated! Please come! Notice: I am not responsible for ghostings or violations throughout the flight. Thank you!

Airport: EGBB
Plane: 787 series
FPL: copy mine
Altitude: FL300
Speed: Mach 0.85

Please come if you can! @AggieAirlines

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Wouldn’t it be easier to set a Mach number rather than GS. GS will change. Mach will not.

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What would be a good Mach number?

Either Mach .85 or .84


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