Around the IF Globe! (Airport Suggestions)

I have decided that I would like to go around the IF world in an A321. I don’t where or which airports to fly to. I’m reaching out to the IFC to ask for some airport suggestions.

  • Airport must be able to handle an A321

If anyone would like me to visit a specific airport, please comment below.

Also keep a look out for some screen shots from my adventure!

Starting Airport
  • London Heathrow (EGLL)
  • Los Angles (KLAX)
  • New York (KJFK)
  • Honolulu (PHNL)
  • Dubai (OMDB)

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Around the world route (from KLAX):


(Every time you refuel you must fill it fully)

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Not a bad route, and yes the I will be refueling the A321 completely every time

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that is the only way to hop the pacific

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When you fly PHNL-PGUM cruise the altitude lower (to save fuel)

And fly with no/less passenger and cargo

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I’m only taking fuel on the adventure

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Start in New York City, the hub of the world.

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