Around the globe

Starting at 12 Central Time, I’m going to be flying the a350 900 around the globe. JFK to London Heathrow, London Heathrow to Dubai Dubai to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Sydney, Sydney to Los Angeles, and lastly Los Angeles to New York. Because this is not in the live flight category I cannot formally invite anyone to join me but if anyone actually wants to send me a private message. I’m just looking for any advice or last minute things before I start. Wish me luck

That’s pretty cool! Are all this flights after each other? Or will you exist the game after 1 or 2? And what livery for the A350?

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It depends on how my phone is holding up but I would like to do them back to back, only leaving the app to copy a flight plan in between each. I think if you leave for a second though you don’t leave the server. As for the livery I’m thinking Delta

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