Around the Globe in a TBM Part 5

What up homies, its ya boy Danyy welcome back to Part 5 of TBM Around The Globe, today we flew EKVG - EGLL, pretty solid flight it was about 2 Hours, again thanks for sticking around and enjoy the photos.

POSTED UP AT EKVG🥶, Nice moonshot and getting ready for departure.

V1, Rotate heading to England.

Again with the moonshot, I’m just straight different.

Had to twitch up the fog but still pretty nice veiw from up top.

Starting decent to London Heathrow with London Director.

On Final Runway 27R with a United 777-300ER Just landed from Chicago.

One of the best landings I’ve had, -126 FPM, With a BA 747-4 in the background.

Flight Report

Finally doors open and relaxing after a nice flight, with that same United 777-300ER from Chicago, It was super Low Vis at Heathrow so I had to bump up the visibility, also why you might have saw someone with landing lights taxing.

Anyway thank you lads for enjoying the photos, Hope to see you on our next journey sorry that it took so long to fly I was busy.

Special Thanks List

Special Thanks too


Sorry if I missed a few I try to get everyone that Likes or Commente so if your not up here sorry I’ll get you one day.

    🔴🔴⚪⚪Thank you, cya🔴🔴⚪⚪

I really like the shot of the cockpit!

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Amazing shots yet again! Can’t wait to see part 6! Is the TBM able to reach Innsbruck from London? That would be beautiful!

ps: I’m genuinely surprised that you got -126 fpm

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Beautiful shots!

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Nooo i landed at Heathrow, but there was a 777 that came in from Chicago

Thank you good sir and I’m gonna go the scenic route I’m gonna go south, Skip Siberia etc, so we gonna land at Lukla and some high elevation airports when we get to Asia but since I’m in Europe I’ll make a few stops here and there I’ll visit my hometown in Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk etc

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Thank you lad

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Thank you I also love it its so simple

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Great photos Danyy! Can’t wait to see your next leg!

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Thank you very much

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Whoops can’t read lmao

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