Around the Globe in a TBM Part 3

Good day lads, Finally we have made it Europe sorta, Currently im on a Island about 50 miles away from England. Never the less we will make it around the globe, Sorry that it took so long to post this flight.🥲 Thank you @Butter_Boi for joining me in this endeavor.

Aircraft: TBM
Flight Time: 1:51
Server: Training

Enjoy and Thank You too people supporting my journey😃.

STRIGHT UP POSTED UP AT BIKF🥶, With a KLM doing a Repo I guess?

Ready for Takeoff, doing a little Left Echelon Formation.

If your wondering why I went inverted, JUST BECAUSE IM BUILT DIFFERENT😈⁉️ Cannot stop me.

Giving my passengers that FULL 360° Veiw👏.

Banking out of Iceland with @Butter_Boi nothing major.

Camera Man is just a different breed🥶

On final into EKVG😍, Nah that’s cap the satellite images are not nice lol

Absolutely this is a butter landing💯, -97 FPM🥵

Ironically @Butter_Boi doesn’t live up to his name, Now I picked a pretty decent frame of his landing but he had 3 WHOLE BOUCES 3, they were huge bounces too.

POSTED UP AT EKVG🥶, with homie @Butter_Boi, thank you guys for checking in cya next time.💪

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Why does noone take interest in my journey🥲

I do, nice trip!
Pictures are a bit dark though. Painful to try and see what is going on! 😉

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Yeah since I don’t have time during the day, by the time I’m ready to fly its dark in eourope but when we get to Asia it should lighten up

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Cool! You can always change time in replay mode to shoot pictures (what I usually do)!

Yeah but I want to keep the time the original

Keeping it fresh

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You are right then, keep giving us real time shots!

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Now thats an angle 😂


Of course man gotta get that full view

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Great photos! Where’s your next destination going to be?

I was wondering why you went inverted…

Great photos though! Can’t wait to see the next part of your journey!

The TBM is one of my worst planes at landing, lol. 😂

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Thank you SplashDownOnRunwayBoi

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Im thinking Manchester or Heathrow

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Cool! Cant wait to see the photos!

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Wow!! So great!! I can only do -170fpm

LOL 🤣 makes me remind of the stolen B727 nice pics

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Thank you I don’t think it can get any better

Noooo not the Orange Pride livery we want that

B77W KLM repo with the background music of Mission impossible LOL.