Around the Globe in a TBM Part 2

Hey guys😀 so as I said I am going to complete this, with our starting location of KMPO, we are currently in Iceland, Keflavik (BIKF), When I flew Goose Bay to Narsaruaq (BGBW) the replay corrupted so I could not post anything from that flight. Here are some pictures from my BGBW-BIKF flight. Thank you for sticking along and remember, you guys are my motivation.


Time: 2:20

Aircraft: TBM

Cruise: FL150

Thank you guys, enjoy

Captions are, Caption On Top and Picture below

Posted up in Greenland, They lied I though it was actually green.

V1, Rotate and we depart nice takeoff, I had a 2 Knot tailwind but I didn’t bother taxing down the runway no point.

And we are at Final Altitude, 15,000 Feet, there is somthing calming being in a TBM, at night and at 15,000 Feet. Idk

My first ever moonshot pretty decent for a first one.

Nothing really special happened during the crossing, I had to bring the moon up because it was really dark almost pitch black.

On final, I need to fix my landing on the TBM I cannot land it properly.

Not even gonna lie, Landing was horrible I bounced 3 times, Now to be fair I had a 15 Knot crosswind. Cut me some slack.

And now we posted up in Iceland, straight up freezing🥶

Anyway thank you guys, even if it’s only a handful that support the journey, thank you and bye expect a update about 9PM EST, I plan to FINALLY cross to Europe, specifically 🇬🇧.

Pepsi, or Coke?
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  • Coca-Cola?

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Pepsi for the win. Nice photos!

Keep going, can’t wait to see what your next leg of the flight will be!

I might be able to fly one of the smaller legs with you, PM me if you’d be up for that.

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Sure thing I don’t want to fully cross to England in 1 go because ehhh, There is a small island in between Iceland and England, about a hour long flight to it if you want to join.

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Sure, I’ll join! I’ll PM you.

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Coca Cola forever!
Can’t wait to look back on these topics and see all of the photos from this flight!
Keep going man!

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Thank you man, glad to have your support

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