Around the Globe in a TBM Part 1

So I will be attending to Navigate the glode East - West, My starting point was KMPO (Poccono Municipal) my home airport so why not start there, I flew KMPO-KBOS, then KBOS-CYHZ (Halifax) then to Goose Bay CYYR. Pretty enjoyable I wanted to get as close to Greenland to have a safe crossing, this is only Part 1 I want to land at some famous airports and visit my home country of Ukraine on the way, I’m still debating, Going north over Siberia or South over Saudia Arabia, India, ETC. So join me and we shall achieve greatness, your my motivation.

And some people are like Uhhhhhhhhhhh TbM FaSt pLaNe nO cOol i know I ain’t got time for a cessna.

Posted up at ramp at KMPO.

Flying up to Boston FL180.

Just flying along on the nice TBM, I would say nice airplane but the Display Panels are little too small.

And of course DA BUTTA🧈

I didn’t take any pictures over Canada since it was super dark and I want to stay in relm of realism, Hope you enjoy I made this during my period 1 class lol, Part 1 of many hope you enjoy. Cya

1-North over 2-Siberia or South Asia
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Ooh, great photos! Enjoy your journey around the world!

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Thank you laddy

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Saw your poll. You should go over South Asia, there’s no 3D topography in some parts of Siberia.

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Yeah but if I go north I can cross to Alaska but it’s cold, if I go south more fuel burn because I need to climb higher and I then need to track north to Alaska since it safer

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You could potentially go over Central Asia, less distance to go further north and get to Alaska. And you still have 3D topography going across Asia.

Note: These points are not locations of airports, just general locations that there’s probably an airport nearby. 🙃

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Great shots, sounds like you had a lot of fun! 😁

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Thank you sorry im at school rn so I’m just vibin

Thank you Ed, appreciated

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Mind if i also do an around the world but cargo?
Also Beautiful pictures
I love this one

You do you man, IF is for all of us