Around Europe Part 2

Back again with part 2 of my chain of flights. Unfortunately the landings were quite bad, with one flight having to go around twice(or 3 times) due to it getting pushed off the runway by the wind. Anyway,this is the second and final part of this chain of flights.

Day 3:
LSZH–>EHAM with KLM(1hr24min) (Boeing 737-700)
EHAM–>EIDW with KLM(1hr37min) (Boeing 737-700)
EIDW–>EGSS with Ryanair(1hr13min) (Boeing 737-800)
EGSS–>ESSA with Ryanair(2hr20min) (Boeing 737-800)

Day 4(Final):
ESSA–>EPWA with LOT Polish Airlines(1hr41min) (Embraer 170)
EPWA–>EGLL with LOT Polish Airlines(3hr49min due to delays again) (Boeing 737-800)
EGLL–>WSSS with Singapore Airlines(13hr02min) (Boeing 777-300er)

These flights were completed in the Expert Server.

Some guidance again on which flights the screenshots came from.

LSZH–>EHAM with KLM(KL1958)

EHAM–>EIDW with KLM(KL935)

EIDW–>EGSS with Ryanair(FR2272)

EGSS–>ESSA with Ryanair(FR4693)

ESSA–>EPWA with LOT Polish Airlines(LO458)

EPWA–>EGLL with LOT Polish Airlines(LO281)

EGLL–>WSSS with Singapore Airlines(SQ317)

So the FNF at Changi Airport was happening while I was heading there. Here are 2 photos that I’ve taken.