Around Europe Part 1

This week I started a “chain of flights” around Europe. So far, 7 flights have been completed with 7 more to go. Due to the 10 photos max rule, I am unable to show all the screenshots I’ve taken(15 photos). So, here are 10 photos from the 7 completed flights.

Details of flights:
Day 1:
WSSS–>LGAV with Scoot(11hr37min) (Boeing 787-9)
LGAV–>EGLL with British Airways(3hr33min) (Airbus A320-200)
EGLL–>EDDF with Lufthansa(1hr29min) (Airbus A320-200)
EDDF–>LFPG with Lufthansa(1hr4min) (Airbus A320-200)

Day 2:
LFPG–>BIKF with Icelandair(5hr42min because of delays) (Boeing 757-200)
BIKF–>ENGM with Icelandair(2hr29min) (Boeing 757-200)
ENGM–>LSZH with Swiss(2hr25min) (Airbus A319-100)

These flights are completed in the Expert Server.

Now,some guidance on which flights the screenshots came from.

WSSS–>LGAV with Scoot(TR722)

LGAV–>EGLL with British Airways(BA631)

EGLL–>EDDF with Lufthansa(LH923)

EDDF–>LFPG with Lufthansa(LH1034)

LFPG–>BIKF with Icelandair(FI543)

BIKF–>ENGM with Icelandair(FI318)

ENGM–>LSZH with Swiss(LX1211)

Part 2 coming when I finish the final flight.