Around and around

He IF I’m just wondering. In IF ik ther is a modeled circle earth. But doesn’t the sun go around the earth or does the earth go around the sun. On Infinite Fliggt If anyone knows lol


Where did the watch suddenly come from…?

Also the Earth goes around the Sun.


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And does it do that I’m IF is what I’m wondering

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Curious as to how the word “Earth” became the word “watch” but 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Oh I dunno…that debate could go on forever…kinda like the Earth if you just continue walking…🙃

The earth orbits the sun in Infinite Flight and IRL.


In IF the sun sets. I’d assume this means that the IF earth revolves around sun.



I’m confused; either your talking about seasons, i.e where the earth is in its orbit. Which IF dosent have, since that is a scenery thing.

Or your talking about whether the sun orbits the earth, which I believe Copernicus solved 500 years ago.

Or your talking about the sun in accordance with the in-game time, which is a whole different topic which involved the combustion of cesium atoms.

Either way, IF accurately models the Earths rotation around the sun with sunsets and sunrises.

Strictly referring to the sun, and not the ground, Infinite Flight does accurately simulate the position of the sun in relation to the day of year.


Hey! I can refer you to my first grade teacher if you’d like. She taught me everything I know :)

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I thought the earth was flat

The Earth is actually a cube in Infinite Flight, so you’re all wrong!