ARN-AKL in a fully loaded 777-F not going as planned

I filled a 777-F to the brim at stockholm last night and it didn’t go all that well with the fact the plane was using full power all the way until cruise, which I know is why its now left the plane 4 hours short of fuel but I was wondering if 95K pounds of fuel is enough to get it from south of the phillipines to auckland? because I know its not some rampant fuel burner and sometimes the fuel remaining time isn’t correct.

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I dont know since I’ve never tried it. But are you trying to ask: If I fill a Boeing 777F to the brim and want to fly from the south of the Philippines to Auckland, will 95,000lbs of fuel be enough to get you there?

Well in this case, (I cant be sure) but I would still fill the fuel to 100% of fuel capacity. Thats just what I would do, I’m interested to see others opinions on this.

I believe that it is somewhat uncommon that a cargo plane flys full to the brim (again, correct me if I’m wrong) so if you are attempting to re create this flight in a realistic simulation, perhaps fill only 50% or 75%? Just a thought and keep in mind you don’t have to listen to me at all :)

Happy flying!

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Thanks, i’m asking if 95k LBS of fuel was enough to continue flying from stockholm to auckland, the phillipines location thing was just me saying where I was at right now.

Ah ok, sorry for the misunderstanding. Well since you are going that far away, I would fill the tanks 100%

I’ve already gone, and I did fill the tanks all the way, but currently i’m over southeast malaysia with roughly 90k lbs of fuel, but the fuel remaining time says I can only fly for another 5 hours which isn’t enough to get me to auckland, now I know the 777-F isn’t some rampant fuel burner so I was wondering if 90K lbs of fuel was enough to still allow me to continue to auckland, from southeast malaysia without stopping anywhere.

Just to be safe, I would stop.

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I’ll stop at birmingham, but next time I do this i’m going to do the departure much more efficiently

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What? Isn’t that in the UK? Or am I wrong?

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I think it is in the UK. I’m confused now.

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As requested