Army of Airplanes invade Atlanta

Today AAVA had an event which was KORD - KATL (if you didn’t notice the line of planes) and I got some pretty nice pictures

Callsign: AAVA 7006
Route: KORD - KATL
ALT: FL350
Flight Time: 1:25

First takeoff in the Lineup! (Count how many planes in the background)

This was my landing, as you can see, it was VERY busy

We filled the AA gate 😂

But wait, I would like to give a very special thanks to @Jeffrey1o2. He vectored about 20 aircraft all at once; what a trooper. Also I would like to thank @Dwane_S, who was tower and ground during all of this. I can’t imagine how hard this would have been to pull off 😆. I would also like to thank every IFATC member out there for your hard work, I really appreciate what you guys do! And especially today, you guys did an amazing job.


While dark, these are some neat pics. 1 and 3 look especially nice. :)


Awesome pictures!
I landed there this morning and it was kinda busy.

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Thanks! I put the brightness on full on every setting 😂

Yet it is still too dark

@Logan, I can imagine. It was open ALL day I’m pretty sure


I like 1 the best! Very nice pictures!

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Thank you @anon9524891!

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Great pics!
Saw you guys land just as I was leaving! Here you were from my angle

And the rest of the AAVA crew taxiing in to their gates on the ramp


Today Atlanta approach was a little hectic

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Wow! I didn’t even know you flew over me!

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Yeah, they were vectoring like 20 planes at once

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This pictures look awesome! But i think ATL will be even busier during the weekends.

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Why? Is there an event?

It is this weeks featured airport so there should be IFATC at all times.

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Ohhh I see, forgot to check the scheduling hahah

Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed your flight. By the way, I’m pretty sure @Dwane_S was on Tower and Ground; kudos to him for managing all those runways at once.


Thanks! I’ll add him, I just forgot who the tower and ground was

Frist picture is my favorite and 7 planes in the background 👍

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Yeah I like that one the most too