Arming vnav

I am not quite sure when to arm vnav do I have it on all flight because I have set altitudes at different way points and when I hit those way points what is the climb rate?

As far as i recall VNAV cannot be used during climb for now. I recommend only arming VNAV when you’re ready to monitor your descent, and prevent any overspeed violations after descending through 10,000ft.


Correct VNAV is only for descents at the moment - I would arm it around 30nm prior to TOD.

Oh ok thanks what I meant is that when I am away from my device and I set to change altitude at a waypoint mid flight when do I enable VNAV

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VNAV is currently not available for step climbs.

Here you can find a great video of Infinite Flight regarding How to use VNAV.

Hope that helps !

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Oh ok thanks

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