Armani_B’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A

Hello everyone I want to start practicing to be a ATC controller in the future. I would like to practice ground and tower, come on by to do some pattern work.

Airport: MPTO

Runways: 03L and 03R

Server: Training

Hope to see you there, I will be open for about 30 minutes, all feedback is appreciated, thank you.


I have a bit of spare time, and I’m nice.

I’ll come down!

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How was it @Ecoops123 ?

I’m now closed. Thanks for coming everyone.

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  • Pushback and taxi command were perfect. The same with taxi to parking.


  • First pattern: Be aware of surrounding terrain. I had to fly over the mountainous area above my pattern altitude. Cleared for the option was good. My landing was decent-ish, but I put the spoilers on by 2500 flying hours of default reaction.

  • Second pattern: I requested change to 03R. You gave me the clearance and the correct traffic movement (right traffic), however you didn’t give me a pattern instruction. You need to give a pattern instruction before any kind of clearance as tower. This includes when Approach is active. If they are cleared for Approach, there is no need to give them a pattern entry, only a landing clearance. This does not go for visual approaches.

  • Go Around: Was unable to produce.

  • Departure: Departure request good. Frequency change approved possibly a little late but nothing wrong. If you know an aircraft is departing the airspace you can get them off your frequency as soon as they are comfortably in the air.

  • Active Airspace Call: Good shout. I wasn’t actually planning on this one.

  • Transition: Failed. A transition is used so that an aircraft can pass through a Tower’s airspace without being disturbed by nearby aircraft, with a separation of 1,000ft+. The transition altitude for this airport is 2,000ft, and with pattern work is 3,000ft. You have to take note of the airport altitude and surrounding aircraft. Take a look here to understand transitions more, as well as more advanced stuff on Tower. (Some game stats are outdated) Most people don’t know what a transition is during training.

  • Inbound: Correct pattern instruction and landing clearance. Correct exit runway command

Also when you’re IFATC you have to announce closure 5 minutes before, and as you’re closing. Unless another controller has confirmed to switch over with you, or you are splitting into multiple controllers.


I’m still practicing, Thanks for coming and I will definitely need to learn a few things. I was expecting only patterns today. But it’s ok.

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You are a good controller. Everyone gets confused with the transition. Apart from that the only way you can build the rest of stuff I tested you on is by experience, which you’ll get over time as a controller. Using the side panel/quick access bar is very helpful when controlling a busy airport. I think you’ll easily get IFATC as your skills grow.

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if anyone still wants to practice i am active at KPWK

Please announce this on your own thread. Thanks

Thank you for the heads up

Please come on down for some patterns at KMCO on the training server. I will be open for about 20 minutes. GA aircraft are preferred today. Thanks.

Runways are 17L,17R, 18R, 18L

I’m now closed, I will open tomorrow, thank you.

Dios mio I have got to come 😃

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Hello everyone I’m open at KMCO for some pattern work, on the training server. Hope to see you there.

Runways are 18R, 18L,17R,17L

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I’m now closed, I will be open tomorrow!

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Hello everyone I’m open at KSNA for some patterns, runways are 20L and 20R, hope to see you there :)

Edit: I’m closing early since nobody came, I will open up tomorrow instead!

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Hello everyone I’m opening up KFLL on the training server for some pattern work, runways are 10L and 10R, hope to see you there.

Edit: I’m now closed hope to see everyone tomorrow!

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