Arkia is the launch customer of the A321LR

Arkia ordered 3 planes The first will enter the service in a month
They will pass the 757 One of which has already been sold to Icelandair
In addition, Arkia bought it 2 A330-900neo


Wow that’s a really great looking livery.

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About six months ago Arkia decided Change the color All her airplane Painted otherwise

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Yea I love the colors that they put into the airline.

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That’s a nice looking airplane!

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The 757 they gave to Icelandair is now TF-ISX. It has a really good special livery on it now.

Good thing Arkia gave it the mask. It look 100x better with it

Sad that it was going to be Primera, and instead is someone else. But Arkia has a very bright, colorful, energetic livery that you will for sure see

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Interesting, would be interested if UA, or AA is looking at the A321LR to replace their aging B752s used on the transatlantic routes. DL is not going to get the A321LR, as they will be going after the 797, I believe.

It’s arriving today to LLBG, @liad747 at you going to the event today?

Glad they added the mask so we planespotters can tell it apart from a 757. I really like the livery

The A321LR is so sexy ❤️

I did not go

Was reported to Arkia in November 13 Began flying in a month to Arkia Destinations

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OMG that livery looks LEGENDARY


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Why is there a small German flag on top of the tail?

Hmmm…that is suspicious… 🧐🧐🧐🤔🤔🤔

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Because the plane is manufactured In Germany And until it was delivered It is on German code

I had the chance to see it close right after the ceremony, and I didn’t even know it was coming. “Thats a weird looking E190, oh wait…”


I just noticed that the Arkia A321neo LR flies to Barcelona (LEBL) My home airport :)