Arkia Embraer -190 New livery purple

Arkia’s new plane Which was commissioned in a quick process The plane is the second plane painted in the new colors of Arkia
Really want

Hi there!

This would be a cool livery request, but you need to add some more info about the livery such as how it originated and why you think it should be added to Infinite Flight. Some guidelines are posted below.

Also make sure to vote for your own request!


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The request is perfectly fine. I don’t see a big issue with it.

I really do like the new livery! All of the colors blend together just right, it looks perfect. I would use this a lot for flights if it gets added.


I just think it could go into a little more detail and prove why it should be added to IF. That’s all :)

Wow, Id love to fly that thing around!

It is very nice livery, I think. So have we some hope to see it in Infinite flight?

The update will arrive on the plane very hopefully they will add the livery

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Israeli airline Arkia starts offering flights to Dubai from January

So may be this livery can be added to IF?

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Much needed livery and I’m hoping it will make it’s way into IF with the E190 rework!


I’d love that paint job, but it’s actually an E195


Embraer ERJ-195AR (ERJ-190-200 IGW)