Arkia Airbus A321neo LR

Arkia bought 3 planes They will replace the Boeing 757 Will enter the service for another month Very much want to see it with us

Is this a request for the plane or the livery? We do not have the A321N LR in the game yet so I would recommend requesting that before the livery

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Hey @liad747

Its a nice request and beatuiful aircraft but if you could provide us with a little more information. Like @Plane-Train-TV said it’s a little confusing.

Check here

About the Features Category

It has all details you will need

Please add some more info and I’m sure more votes will come in


livery There is already a request for A321neo

Ok I changed the title for you. This will make it less confusing. Great request though! This aircraft looks beautiful!

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Love the a321 lr

Nice livery
I want to see this livery and
The 321neoLR in the game