@Ark_of_Ahmed.IF’s ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

So I decided to make a tracking thread to get some feedback and try to get some traffic when I am controlling. Suggestions for future airport control are welcome. Lets keep it professional, thanks! :)

When the title says “OPEN - Airport Name” that means I am currently active and controlling.
When the title says “CLOSED” that means I am not active at the moment and hopefully will be later.


So is WIII the ICAO code for the airport?

Yep it stands for Jakarta International Airport.

Where’s the W…

Open at KSFO, hop in and do some patterns!

Might want to change it to “open” in that case.

Currently controlling ATC at Manchester, welcome to stop by and fly some patterns or land etc.

@Ark_of_Ahmed.IF. MaxSez: Suggest you include ICAO/Country Code…“Manchester, UK (EGCC)”. Regards

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The ICAO was included in the title when I was active. Thanks for the advice anyways! :)

Active at OMDB for about 45 minutes!

Edit - Closed, thanks to everyone that attended.

Open at KDFW for about 30 minutes.

Edit - Closed

Open at KSFO for about an hour.
Edit - Closed

Currently open at OMDB.

I am on my way! =D

My callsign is N162GQ heavy!

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1.Give way command wasn’t needed
2.You didn’t have to hand me off to tower from ground as you already instructed me to change frequency when the taxi command was given.
3. Hold short command wasn’t necessary as I hadn’t requested takeoff yet.

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Yes, I am well aware. I usually spoon feed people on TS1 because not everyone knows how to communicate properly with ATC. I wasn’t aware you were a community member.

I had to leave. You did okay. Just remember the things I told you above and watch Tyler’s tutorials on YouTube. You’ll be better in no time! Good luck!

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Overall a very good service! When I requested a runway change you gave the clearance for the option, which is correct, however, I would have said clearance for the option make right traffic just so you don’t have to tell me what to do later. Otherwise just keep ticking over the tutorials, which I am doing as well, which helps me as well as the community on what I am doing wrong!

Happy flying,


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Open at KJFK, Tower & Ground services. Feedback is appreciated.

Edit - Closed


Open at KFLL, Tower & Ground services. Feedback is welcome :)