Arizona Spotting Day 4: Overheating

In my Day 3 post I had mentioned that today would be a special day and I gave you a hint: sand. If you guessed that the hint ment going to an airplane grave yard then you were correct! Today March 23, 2020 I drove an hour and a half from Phoenix down to Pinal AirPark. When I arrived I was met with a disappointment; pictures without prior approval are not allowed! I did some more research and found out that this was only for the 737MAXs that are there amidst the grounding. Enough of my talking, jere come the pictures.

Let’s start things off with a faded, worn out, engine-less and lonely China Eastern MD-80

Now we have a Delta Airlines 757-200 registered N610DL.

Next up is an Air China 777-200 missing a few parts.

How about a 2nd Air China 777 but with a special livery this time.

So you’re bored of the 777s? How about a slightly smaller option; we’ve got a Shanghi Airlines (?) 767-300 with a Sun County 737-700 missing its winglets and APU.

Air China Staredown!!

The first “visable” Airbus of the feild is blocked by… a Boeing of course.

That Air China 777 is getting quite a bit of love today with another shot of its APU door.

Faded Air Tahiti A340-300

Guess who it is.

You might be wondering “you said Overheating in the title, what happened?” My phone got too hot as I was leaving and died.

Stay tuned for part 5 and possibly a part 6.


Wow, what an opportunity to see those planes! Great pictures!

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Saddening but impressive pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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