Arik Air Airbus A340-500

I am creating this topic to request for arik air A340-500 livery, Here is a picture to see what it looks like image


I just hope we will see an Arik, Dana or Air peace livery in IF someday.

Me two I hope at least one of them is on IF someday

It looks so majestical, love this!

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Support the livery , but not the airline !

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Looks good on the a340.

It sure does look good on the a340

I like it! Photo credits though?

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Very beautiful livery 😍

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Thankyou but please is like it

Have done that the sec I saw the picture

I’m sure @Bulba will like this.

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I hope that with an A340 update this livery will be added.


Let’s just hope we get enough likes for the livery to be added

Well the topic has been closed

Hello if you would like to see the livery then please like it

I really would like to see this livery on IF so please like it

A340-500, the most well proportioned airliner ever to be built - with a nice livery. Why not?