Arik Air 787-9

Arik Air has now ordered 4 787-9s and is ordering 3 more. I think this would be nice if added to the 787 update.

Didn’t Forget the Photo this time


How very nice.

Yes!! I love these wavy 787’s… Boeing just needed to make curved elevators


How did this not come in the update? I love that livery.

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with this hotfix praying up to the mustaches of all lord. Please have this livery in the sim. Shall it not be Bulba will strip the mustache off me face.


I would love to see this livery

Interesting , if Arik last for more then a couple of years from now i will be very surprised.

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It looks like arik air would last for more than a couple of years because the government has intervened and has paid all the debts

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Yeah , but the money will run out. Poor maintenance, poor standards of service and poor structure within the airline will eventually shut them down. Only a matter of time.

As Nigeria’s largest airline, Arik Air reportedly owes AMCON more than NGN135 billion (USD429.6 million at the official bank rate) with other suppliers owed NGN10 billion (USD31.8 million). Aside from domestic debts, Nigeria’s crippling foreign currency shortage has also affected Arik Air’s ability to procure fuel and to pay off insurance premiums thus impacting its operations.

Well time would tell what happened to the airline

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Looks nice Love the livery.

I’ve never heard of them but It looks nice!

It’s a Nigerian airline that does regional and international flights

I would love to see this livery in the game