Ariel refueling and escorting | Over the English Channel | KC-10's and F-16's

Hey everyone! The other day, I participated in a group flight consisting of KC-10’s and F-16’s, as well as an A321 we were escorting. Got some nice shots, sorry about some not being the best quality.

Flight time: 2:30
Aircraft: KC-10 and F-16
Weight: 100% Fuel, 4,000 cargo

Hope you enjoy these pictures!


Cool photos!

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Yep (character limit)

Hey there we appreciate your post today. Unfortunately according to the #screenshots-and-videos category you can only post one topic per day. Thanks and have a great day!

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There’s mid-air refuelling in multiplayer?

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I got the purple message at the top of the screen saying arial refueling complete after the KC-10 above me flew away, so… I think so?

That is so flippin cool not gonna lie

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