Ariana Afghan Airline A320

Hello and welcome to Ariana Afghan Airline feature request.

About the Airline

Ariana Afghan Airlines Co , also known simply as Ariana , is the largest airline of Afghanistan and serves as the country’s national carrier. Founded in 1955, Ariana is the oldest airline of Afghanistan. The company has its main base at Kabul International Airport, from where it operates domestically, and also provides international connections that link Afghanistan with India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. The carrier is headquartered in Shāre Naw, Kabul and it is wholly owned by the Afghan government. Ariana Afghan Airlines has been on the list of air carriers banned in the European Union since October 2006.

The airline was set up on 27 January 1955. It was established as Aryana Airlines with the assistance of Indamer Co. Ltd. , which initially held a 49% interest, and the government of Afghanistan owned the balance. At the beginning, services were operated to Bahrain , India , Iran and Lebanon with a fleet of three Douglas DC-3s. In 1957, Pan American World Airways became the minor shareholder of the airline when it took over the 49% interest from Indamer. Domestic scheduled services started the same year. By April 1960, a fleet of three DC-3s was being used for linking Kabul with Amritsar, Delhi, Jeddah and Karachi as well as with some points within Afghanistan, while a single DC-4 operated the Kabul–Kandahar–Tehran–Damascus–Beirut–Ankara–Prague–Frankfurt service, so-called “Marco Polo” route.

As of 2019 the Airline operates 5 and flies to 11 destination. Even tho the Airline doesn’t operate the A320 anymore it would be still good to have it in IF course they only operates aircrafts that we don’t have in IF.

Why I want this Airline in IF.

  • Because there is no Airline from Afghanistan.
  • Why just not add every country’s airline in IF

This livery is quite generic.


Super pretty though! I randomly came across their B757 livery online the other day and it looks even nicer on there. I just love the blue.



as someone that has never even heard of this airline, it would be nice to have some of the lesser known airlines from different countries! voted!


You know if you have Misha’s vote it is a good one!

I like this on, nice and detailed topic too :)


As someone who flew to Kabul 3 times in IF I wish I had more votes. This topic has my full support though!
The approach is just stunning with all the mountains and terrain surrounding the airport.
It would open up some more routes out of Kabul as I’m pretty sure only like Emirates and FlyDubai fly there, not 100% sure.


Not really as they have some aircrafts with a blue tail. And an A320 with a little darker blue livery. Sadly there’s no A320 with a blue tail which would’ve been better cause it would look better.

Thank’s for the votes.


I also also have concept livery for this airline which I use in airliner manager tycoon.

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This concept is much better than the real one. 👍

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I really like the wing on the engine in the concept livery. If they only could add this as well. But I know they won’t because it’s not real.

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I flew there twice in IF with Emirates A350 and Qatar A350. But I’m going to fly there again if this Airlines gets added cause I want to fly all these routes below that have in airline manager tycoon. I know that they don’t fly all these routes but I have a few routes which they fly in real life.

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