Arguments Between Tower and Ground


When I was on KLAX (as Emirates 960 Heavy), a Ground Controller Assist me to Runway 07R. But when, I was on the rear of the runway (When I Contacted Tower), the Tower assist me to back taxi to 25L. (On that time, there’s a B747 behind me) And Change Frequency to the Ground. But when I Contacted Ground, Ground Controller Continue Assist me to 07R which made me leave the server.


I’m a bit confused here, it appears you were told to back taxi and you didn’t, then you switched frequencies.


Yeah, I was back taxiing to the Runway on the second announcement. Server Lags on that time and I can do it slowly on that time. Double Clicked also made me sent another one


Yes, it’s normal, I think that to control the tower you must also control the ground. The 2 obligatory to control the airport, and not only one.


No, you don’t, it is a common practice to have different controllers. This ordinarily shouldn’t be a problem.


It looks like the tower and ground frequencies weren’t coordinated. Tower wanted you to go to 25L, but ground wants you to go to 07R. You should’ve just back taxiied. Why did you request taxi to 25L after you were told to back taxi?


I think you accidentally posted in the wrong thread.


I think I did too 😂


I Think I don’t know what’s Back Taxi meaning then 😅, I Thought you just back to requested runway


That’s perfectly fine. Just check this:)


Was this on playground?


Guessing this was on playground 😂😂


Problem on playground is that 2 freq are rarely coordinated :/