Argentine Pilots

I was passing through here to continue getting to know the community, and I am also interested in knowing who were from my country. If Argentino tell me down here and what routes alone to do.

If you are from Latin America or from any other country, you are invited to talk about whatever you want!


Hey there!
I don’t know any Argentinian, but I’m your neighbor from Chile like @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL and @alberto_lopez :)
Happy to see more Latin American members in the community!
Stay safe

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But what good news, if you have a group of discord to make group flights or talk it would be good!

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I live in Bolivia Btw it’s right next to Argentina


But look how neighbors appear, that’s good to know. Nice to meet you @Leonardo_Mauriel We would have to organize a flight all over Latin America together !!

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