Argentina doesn't have military aircraft to protect Barack Obama's Air Force One

The Air Force only has 7 aircrafts with operational capacity, but they don´t reach the speed nor altitude of the United States aircraft. For escort, the U.S goverment would send 4 F-16s.

Argentina doesn´t have military aircrafts fit to protect the Air Force One. And that would be left in evidence when the United States presidents visits Argentina tomorrow (March 22 2016). Even though the Air Force assigned two turbopropellers IA-58 Pucará and two IA-63 Pampa armed jet trainers, the north american administration would send four F-16 fighters to give air protection to the presidential aircraft.

The main issue that Argentina faces is that the Pucará has a maximum service ceiling of 6000m a maximum speed of 450km/h. The Pampa s able to reach 9000m and 750km/h. Nevertheless, the IAir Force One has a maximum service ceiling 14000m and a maximum speed of 950km/h, well beyond Argentina´s deteriorated airpark.

In the event Obama´s aircraft had to fly at maximum speed and altitude, argentinian aircrafts would be left just as “mere spectators”, according to sources of the Edificio Cóndor. The Ministry of Defense, headed by Julio Martínez, avoided giving definitions about the precarius state of the so-called “defense shield” of the Argentinian air space, but they not denied it also.

The decision of Mauricio Macri was to assign the two airworthy Pampas from the IV Brigada Aérea (4th Air Brigade) in Mendoza, and the Pucaras from the II Brigada Aérea de Reconquista (2nd Air Brigade of Reconquista), in Santa Fé.
The two aircraft types are the only ones that were left operational after the legendary Mirage IIIs, which served Argentina for 43 years and had an outstanding participation in the South Atlantic war of 1982, were retired in 2015.
Those supersonic fighters had the capacity to protect the Air Force One in case of an emergency, but they are part of history now.

Official sources acknowledged to Infobae that the Pentagon would send at least four supersonic F-16, to give protection to the presidential aircraft. The aircrafts can reach a maximum speed of over 1500km/h, and have a maximum service ceiling of 14000m.

The F-16s are well known and appreciated by the Argentinian pilots, who prefered them over the Israeli aircrafts that the government of Cristina Kirchner tried to buy.
It is estimated that re-equiping the Argentinian Air Force with 14 F-16 would cost around 300 million dollars. In fact, they are already present in the region: the Chilean Air Force has 28.

On the other hand, from the United States an AWACS aircraft would be sent, which is a modified Boeing 707 with a dish over its fuselage.
Its main mission is to serve as a radar for the Air Force One: it can detect an ultralight aircraft taking off 500km away.
A third aircraft, according to Edificio Cóndor, would be a Boeing tanker, to refuel the F-16s, which have a short range.

Link to the article in Spanish:

IA-58 Pucará:

IA-63 Pampa:



Why do I find the IA-58 to be so funny? It tries so hard to look like a jet, but is got props 😂


I didn’t know Argentina doesn’t have a decent air force.

It would look nice with jet engines.


It was the most powerful of South America after WWII. It became the first air force in South America to be equipped with a jet fighter, the Gloster Meteor F.4.
Propeller bombers were also bought, Avro Lincoln and Avro Lancaster, which gave it an strategic force.
Also, after WWII, German engineers made their way to Argentina, and began the development of the Pulqui I and II.
Both flew, and made Argentina the 6th country in the world to produce a jet-powered aircraft.

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They need to buy some Russian fighters,because Argentina will be in BRICS (or already they are)


migs are beautiful

These are Sukhoi.

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bottom one looks similar to the Mig-29, top one to the F-22

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The first 1 is Su-50.Su-50 looks similar to F-22,because it has stealth technology too

And yet they say they should take back the Falklands…

Very interesting @Sturmovik

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Solution: Get America to protect themselves in a situation like this. Lol 😐


Let’s not get into that debate.



We have the same problem here in Ireland!:D


First thing first.

Argentina does have a military service able to escort the president. The air fighter’s are able to attain the necessary speed to protect your dear president Obama. The only thing is that, there air force isn’t use often. That created a financial problem. The problem came because Obama trip was after the Argentinean president election. Luckily we (theyl we’re able to change the president. The new president had budget to soend. The price of having a escort group flying when reaching Brazil airspace would be costly and also having to deal with Brazil got stuff more complicated. Also they add a option to ask help to Brazil for there airspace but politically aswouldn’t look good… Also Argentina did increase military activity in secretly, so no attacks. Also your sources can’t be believe, because Argentina as been keeping its plan how to protect the president. Nevertheless, not because a country is poor, it means it can’t handle a important visit of your President.

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M8 I´m from Argentina, and there aren´t plans to renovate the armed forces.


@MishaCamp can you close this? The topic isn´t relevant any more.

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I’m also from Argentina and also they do have plans to upgrade their army after the signature with Obama…


Yeh well I’m from the Falklands

i thought AF 1 doesn’t need an escort generally. it has its own defence systems.