Areonautical Decision Making/IMSAFE checklist

I know there’s a LOT of student pilots out there and so I want to share a story with the IMSAFE checklist.! If you have not heard of it get use to it. So the IMSAFE checklist is a checklist that pilots use to determine whether or not there safe to fly! Now for me I had to use to cancel a flight today! So IMSAFE stands for
So with that being said I was doing a self evaluation on me and determined that do to my life right now and what was going on in it, I had the Emotion, Fatigue and Stress parts of the checklist. With that being said, I told my CFI-I and he agreed that since I wasn’t capable of flying due to the checklist and my self evaluation, we rescheduled the lesson for a later date. STUDENT PILOTS: use this on your self to make sure your fit to fly and can safely operate an airplane! Instead of going up and not learning anything, take a step back talk to your instructor and reschedule it.


Well good luck to you!

I always did fear that checklist.

Na don’t fear it. Makes for a better pilot!

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