Area 51!

I will be in a KC-10 flying around Area 51. Got a full tank of fuel so I’m ready to do some aerial refuelling. Bring a jet to KXTA (homey airport, Area 51) on the training server for some fuel tanker fun!

Going to direct you over here geez:

Ps. Area 51? what is that, ive never heard of area 51…Unless its that ali…*Storm troopers attack, POW POW! LouDon is never to be heard from again


Please post here, thanks!

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I know it is refuellers but it is more of an impromptu event so could we let it slide?

Area 51 is in nevada USA not much is known about it. it is very secret only the government knows about it

then you should put this under #live:events

What’s this Area 51 place? 😉😉😉

I’m not tl 2 yet 😕 but that’s what I tried to do