Are you trying to ghost pilots

If a new IFATC logged on after a controller before you gave me permission to taxi to RWY 30L…Why would you not announce a runway change immediately as you saw my tag was for 30L as per permission as you clearly saw my tag and me taxiing too the now WRONG runway then wait after you gave pilots a pushback for 12R to more than one pilot Before changing ATIS then announcing a runway change…Disclaimer I was not ghosted as I ended my flight after a thank you good day to the ground controller…what am I missing here…experts please help…was I suppose stop and request taxi again to the new runway operations. I’m not trying to be condescending


Who was the controller? Consider sending them a PM. They will clarify the situation much better than anyone else.


True…close the topic mods

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If you feel they may have been in the wrong, contact a moderator to help mediate the situation. I hope you find help!

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sorry to hear about that read this,

It wasn’t a ghost at all…I quit the flight…and had to refund passengers 🤣🤣 as I was passenger full with a weight restrictions 🤣


He just wants an explanation on why that runway change happened.

@Infinite_Qantas exactly which is why PMing the controller would be the most appropriate and professional action

We don’t need to repeat the same thing, that’s why your post was flagged. @TheInitialVirus had already directed our OP on what to do, there is no need to repeat exactly what he said.

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I know everyone wants to be helpful but we need to make sure we are actually helping.

Read the full topic and make sure you understand what is being asked. If you are going to give advice be sure to be specific and not just give links or be vague. If there are issues with the post you can let the OP know in a PM.

These responses often come off as very unwelcoming. Let’s all do our part to help each other out.