Are you taking your own flight logs?

I want to make my fight logbook from next board.
So I have some questions.
Are you taking your own flight logs and where are you writing flight logs?
A sketchbook, a notebook or an another one?
I want use sketchbook because I can design freely.
What is your opinion?
Thank you!

Did you know, that there is also a logbook in Infinite flight?
That saves your flights?


Oh sorry.
That’s means in “Real Flights” logbook.
Not in Infinite Flight’s logbook.

Also, please as it’s related with Real-World Aviation, change it into Real World Aviation , not to confuse it with Live.


Thanks for your advice!

Yes, I use the one provided by Lufthansa

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He is referring to Real World Aviation not to Live, so people may confuse it…

Wow, the airline providing flight logbooks!?
It has never been heard.

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Here’s a photo of my logbook. In Germany all pilots are required to have a hand-written one always with them. You can buy logbooks online or in an aviation shop.

It shows the date, takeoff and landing time in UTC, the PIC (pilot in command), the copilot (can be a simple passenger too), the takeoff type (only for gliders), the registration and aircraft model, flight time, and remarks like an aborted takeoff for example.


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