Are you supposed to get violations on casual?

I was taxiing a little too fast on casual, at an empty airport, and got a level 1 violation, i get it, but its the casual server, is this something new? That means I can’t get to level 4 until next week lol

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Are you 1000% sure it was casual?

Can you get a photo of sorts confirming that?

Wait I checked and it was training 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀


I’m am stupidly stupid

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I just tried what happened with you and I got no speed violation or warning

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I checked and it was training……

Well that’ll do it alright

I SWEAR i turned it to casual

Yeah, I thought something was off

Well not a whole lot can be done now

It’s mainly because of this terrible server Listing, like why is casual on the top?

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Because it normally goes


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Or at least that is what it was in the past

I do agree the order of listing doesn’t make the most sense, but that’s just how they did it

Well why is expert in the middle?

And wouldn’t casual be at the bottom?

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I just checked and no matter which you pick the order doesn’t change, which I don’t think it was always like that


Whilst I understand your frustration regarding the Level 1 violation that you received by accidentally selecting “Training Server” compared to “Casual Server”, there isn’t much that can be done in regards to having this violation reversed as you can only appeal Level 1 violations through the appeals team if there is a bug or glitch with the Infinite Flight application which caused an incorrect violation to be issued, which isn’t the case in this scenario.

Take care!

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As Declan pointed out, LV1 violations are removed for game glitches. Mistakes happen, just make sure before you start your flight, you are on the correct server.

There’s also another measure in place for incidents like this in case you forget when you actually begin your flight: