Are You On Fire? If Not, Please Put Down Those Exclamation Points


“It’s 'Top ‘O the Muffin’ to you, not 'Top ‘O the Muffin’ to youuuuuuuu!” -Elaine Benes

The Exclamation Mark is meant to convey a sense of urgency, or an interjection of pain, fear, or excitement; it should be used on rare occasions.

It is not a one-for-one substitute for a period, as has become the norm here, especially in thread titles. Rare is the instance where urgency or great excitement need be conveyed in a thread title or reply. Really, you are extremely excited that you’re introducing your VA roster? I see you started a new ATC Thread. That isn’t even a sentence, just a description, so it doesn’t even require punctuation, much less three exclamation marks.

Then there are the replies. There is a like button on every post. Try using that. If you feel you must reply, the sentence for which you’re looking is “I like this.” or “I agree.” Not, “I agree with this!!!” Really? You like it with the power of a thousand suns? You’re so excited about this mundane topic you’re about to pop? You’re thrilled to death that you get to artificially boost your reply count by contributing nothing which advances the conversation?

Treat them as antibiotics. If you use then for everything, they lose any effect.

While we’re at it, there are questions and not-questions. A and not-A. There are not different tiers of questions.

This: ???

This is not a thing. It doesn’t exist. You either have a question or you don’t. There aren’t questions, medium questions, and super questions.

Also, question marks go at the end of sentences which are themselves questions, not declarative sentences indicating you have a question.

Correct: “Is the sky blue?”

Incorrect: “I have a question?” Or “Question?” [The second of these is doubly wrong, in that it is neither a question, nor a sentence, so the punctuation mark is wrong on all counts.]


What an interesting topic. Good to know though, even when the facts are that I use it alot! ;)


Caps lock is like crack for dumb people



The use of the exclamation point can mean different things to many.


But on the forum… If I put…

Tim Your The Best!!!

You would only see 3 explanation marks


Is this why you tried to edit my spotting topic? 😡😂


!!! What’s the problem with them!!!


Exactly! I always try to avoid using an exclamation more than once, and I immediately judge anyone who uses more than than 1.

Exactly!!! I always try to avoid using an exclamation more than once!! I immediat;y judge anyone who uses more than one!!

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Oh, man, I had so much more written. It cut it off.


Yes. Because you were spotting. Not spotting!!!


It was only one though. 😂


Honestly, I use exclamation marks to my excitement towards what I am bringing up. If it is bad, I’ll stop lol.

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It’s not 'bad. It’s that you’re shifting your baseline so that every sentence is exclamatory. If a parent only yells at their child, how does the child know when the parent is normal or really mad? They don’t. The baseline is way too high.

“I’m excited for the event!”

“I’m burning alive, please send help!”

You need to spare it on the first so it holds meaning for the second.

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It means completely different things to different people and as words have diffrent uses and meanings. So I say use it when you like but maybe stick to one !

"stop using exclamation points"
Me: no thank you I use them if I try to exaggerate something or making a joke, should I not be exaggerating things and not making jokes?!

F Scott covered that above…

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Yes that is true, while I agree with the OP many people see it many different ways

Yes, people see things many different ways. The English language sees things one way.

Language is not set I’m stone it is always changing especially when you have many different societies speaking it and using it.

Dialects are not the same thing.