Are You Looking For A Realistic Flying Experience? Here Are A Few Tips!

Are You Looking For A Realistic Flying Experience? Here Are A Few Tips!
-Use Infinite Flight FPL Converter To Make Realistic Flight Plans
-Depart Where You Just Arrived
-Always Use Cockpit View
-Turn Off Landing Aids (Red Squares) In Settings
-Turn Off Player Names In Settings
-Use The Correct Terminals For Your Airline
-Don’t Rush To Get Places, Take Your Time
-Use Your Actions (If Possible) Before Pushback And After Parking. E.g. Open Doors
-Turn Off Auto-Start In Settings
-Join A VA
-Use Current Time

Hope This Helped And If You Have Some More Ideas, Please Leave A Comment!


LMAO, no i dont think thats a good idea


Lol, why. I think can safely say you don’t like VAs

its not that i dont like them, after all this is just a simulator, but i do not think they make your experience any more realistic, i think it does the opposite. from what ive seen they make you use unrealistic callsigns on kind of unrealistic routes. for example: they make you only use a single callsign, plus they make you add a suffix (VA) to the end of your callsign which in most circumstances is not realistic. their routes are not timed, either dont exist or are performed however they want. there are plenty of other ways to make your flight experience realistic, depending on what your definition of realistic is, but again, ive never joined a VA, this stuff is just what ive seen from the outside


Hi, DLVA Manager here 👋

Just wanted to preface this with of course you are entitled to your own opinion. However, after leading a VA for almost two years and being part of the VA world for over 3, much of what you said is simply incorrect.

Callsigns: okay, we lose there, VAs have to track their pilots somehow and callsigns are the easiest way to do that

Unrealistic routes: the point of a VA is to simulate a real-world airline. At DLVA, we have real-world delta routes for our pilots to fly using the correct aircraft for the route (from Delta themselves), and I know most other VAs have the same idea

Routing: I don’t know what you mean by “not timed,” but pilots generally have the same flight time as the real world flights (+/- time based off of winds, etc); Routes that don’t exist, we already covered: VAs use real-world airline flight databases; “performed however they want” again, I don’t know what that means, but DLVA along with like every other VA I’ve seen has pilot standards for how we expect pilots to fly in IF, whether that’s the correct speeds, altitudes based on heading, etc.

You’ve never joined a VA so I don’t know what you’re seeing outside of the VA world but I assure you (and the OP), VAs are a great way to connect with people who like aviation and the airline that is being represented by the VA.


@MrMrMan, I completely agree, I am currently in VGVA and SVA and I it has made the whole Infinite Flight experience way more realistic.

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@feitidede, I understand the callsign situation and also how pilots can choose the route they want whenever but I’m not sure it would be an accurate statement saying VAs do not improve the realism of IF. Those who are not in VAs can fly anywhere they want whenever and do not have the route aspect as a VA. As @MrMrMan said, you are entitled to your own opinion but I suggest joining a VA to see how amazing it is.


i dont think ill ever join a VA, i like to fly whatever route i want the most realistic way possible. joining a VA isnt a requirement for realism, i will do the exact same thing as a VA does without the callsign situation and without only being allowed to fly a single airline

thx for the replies tho, did make me understand VAs a bit better


I don’t like this… The last FNF was in the United States but my last flight was in Dubai…
In these situations I will not do a long haul to fly an event… But this is my opinion! Good topic

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I know what he means by time. If you have a flight JFK to IAH and let’s say it’s a Delta flight. That Delta flight leaves at let’s say 08:10 and another at 10:00 another at 13:45, ect. You don’t really have that in a VA. I am not anti VA by any means but I do think there are somethings the VAs can do to improve realism. I also know that those managing VAs are volunteers and doing in their free time. Being an aircraft dispatcher is a full time job haha

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Luckily we can have it both ways! Fly for a VA sometimes AND independently. I sometimes fly my own made up routes that are not actual real world airline routes, just because the scenery is good or the timings work out for me (eg Sion to Bolzano Dolomite and Queenstown to Dunedin), both in the Q400.

But often I now also fly the great routes available between 3D airports in Europe, with BAVA, and ACVA in North America 😊


The one use call signs get me every time. So unrealistic for the military but I do understand is simplifies things for People in charge. I’m two steps behind you and understand your frustration.

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Yeah I agree, that one would be for those who really want that realism and a challenge. (me)

i think i forgot to mention another reason i dont really think VAs bring more realism is because of their flight events


these lines of planes flying around just doesnt do it for me, it may be fun but not realistic for sure


Love this,very nice tip.

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That is realistic though in a way haha

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Actually it is to have the best experience as pilot, by that I mean you are like in an company and you’ve system that offers you the opportunity to file your hour.


kinda hard to see three long haul flights from the same company departing at the same time with the same flight plan irl

I’m sure we see your point but remember this is a simulator. VA’s are made to make it fun for the pilot whilst giving a sorta airline feel. As for group flights. Though they may not be realistic they are fun and also give a since of not flying alone. This is why a lot of people join va’s.

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that is literally what i was trying to say