Are you interested in the opinion of the Russian community?

I’m not trying to express discontent with this question, or to say that this is a bad community, these are just questions.
So, do you take the Russian community seriously? Why do most of the Russian community schapros pass by? Not S7, not Aeroflot, not the liners that we request, and not even Alrosa, which I request to this day. Checking sooi requests, and requests from other Russians makes you very disappointed


Most of the community respect each other. If an airline has lackluster Liveries in game, we request and vote.



The Development team adds as much liveries as they can. To answer your question, all Community members are treated equally, including several request taken from other users. As others say, create or vote into a #features topic in which requests the livery you wish. I do agree, some regional liveries are still missing. I am also waiting for mine. But, the higher the number the votes get, the higher the chance the Artists will implement the livery. I fully support this.

I also have my other liveries awaiting for the game to be added. I hope you understand. Greets from Poland.


I understand you so much:)
Hi from Russia:)

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