Are you interested in Playground ATC team?

Thank you for showing your good control:) Let’s work together now on :D

That is good objective to be a member of IFATC, but just remember our aim is not only to pass the ATC test…

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Just applied. :)

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@Shuuichi_Furusawa how will I know what happens to the application?

You should be received email. But, I have identified that you have submitted a form.

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I still havent gotten an Email.

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You haven’t registered for the forum yet, please do so to get response :)
Please check for the latest news letter for more details.

I want to join

I’ve just registered. There also must be an ability to register you IF name, because you won’t be able to recognise who’s who.

I’ve already started inviting people to my Slack (IFATC-PG) via private messages in order to create a team. People must be able to get notifications on their device when someone wants to set up an operation, share a chart etc. Slack is a must.

Good idea you started it, like you see many people are interested. Time to get serious pilots out of SoCal

I am interested in joining - have just sent an application form

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I made a section called nickname, and there is already forum existing. Which means we won’t use this community frequently.

Please check our website for more details :)

Same here…no email

BTW, please do not start slack if it is associated with IFATCPG. This group is not making fun at all the time…

Please read carefully requirements and conditions on website…

Slack? What do you mean?

Oh ok sorry, know what you mean now…

Thank you :) you know if this is something flight related, obviously I will make one, but this is about ATC, so won’t need quick response. ( i mean do , but forum is enough for it)

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I mean, good luck trying to keep everyone in a sequence on the PG server…

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