Are you interested in Playground ATC team?

I just want to continue this fabulous topic.

The requirements I could think of are:

  • People who are not advanced controllers.
  • Will try to learn, improve, cooperate with others as much as possible.
  • Able to respond anything with in a week, unless you have any excuses disclosed beforehand.

If you are interested, please leave comment below. Thanks!


I want to join!


I’m intrested


Would love to join!


good job continuing on my idea from quite a while ago. if you guys need help on commands or anything else feel free to PM me. hopefully advanced can get some controllers out of this.


I would love to join!

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I would love to join.

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I like this idea. I think that it is like a way for people to train in group like IFATC. I would join as I am too young to become IFATC 3 more months


I would like to join!

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I’m definitely interested but we should do it on IFSIM

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I would enjoy it!!! I don’t have slack abilities since I play on the same device that I check this forum, etc. but I could still help

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Join I would love to!


The name possibly changed, but depends on what others say. :)

Definitely! I’d prefer approach if that’s ok with you

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I’m keen but the page to join doesn’t seem to be working…

Can you see a form?

Can now see a form, thanks!

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Are you going to make a Slack?

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Probably not. Because I want to make this group as a community at the first. Then, we can turn to someways depends on what others say.


LOL…i thought Advance has plenty…but clearly they dont play as much as those on PG…