Are you interested in Advanced ATC?

I aplogise, didnt see that part of the comment :)


I’m interested in joining. Is it free?


Il put you in touch with @anon66442947 I’m sure if you buy him a 6 pack he will get you in 👍🏻🍻


Dear ATC recruter,
I would like to become part of atc expert server as soon as possible. I belong to flying staff of a german airline, therefore i am pretty familiar with the operation of ATC.
Thank you for your Time.

Vitali Bergmann

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Direct Message a recruiter.

They’ll be more than happy to help ;)

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Hi man, I can’t help you, but my tipp is look all the tutorial videos from Tyler… If you think you are good prepared look at this:

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TL0 users cannot send PMs.

@Coleman Post a few things here on the community to progress to TL1 so you can then send a private message to a recruiter. Best wishes!

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Well i am flying a lot These days but now i got 3 days off. I would Love to be Advanced atc within those days. I am not so much into writing things right now but i am absolutely sure i ll be a Great atc. Please Check me somehow tomorrow. Soon i ll be able to contribute to the Community to maybe Even improve this Great live simulator.

Greetings from Germany :o)

I bringed him in contact with tom… No more answer nessesary 😉

I’m always interested :)

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