Are you having a connection problem while you are doing pattern? So

Hello everyone, so I’m doing this topic to ask the pilots a favor, today I’m was controlling in OMDB and I had more than 10 people doing pattern work and at the same time many people coming and going, so far so good, my problem is that there were some pilots I believe they had connection problem and even then they were doing the pattern.
so I came to ask you who has a connection problem if you are in a very busy airport doing a pattern, I would ask you to leave the game, because this helps us a lot, what happened today was that the pilot disappears for more than 2 minutes and then when he reconnected he is practically colliding with another aircraft and when I gave him a new instruction he does not respond / execute correctly and simply create chaos, some controller would report in this type of situation and you would be the first to complain, I instead have a lot of patience, but my patience is ending, because this has been repeating itself a lot, I know that it is nobody’s fault to lose the connection, I have lost several times the connection, this is just my opinion of how we can help ourselves.
so keep that in mind and make the right decision, remember a good pilot always learns ,thank you.


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