Are you getting what you pay for?

Not necessarily, project metal is not the sole solution here.

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I agree! Although I don’t use it too often anymore I have no doubt that IF is the best mobile sim and should be charging steep prices considering all the features we get, but I think 80 dollars might be a tad bit too steep for me atleast. As I said earlier it’s just hard for me to spend more on a mobile sim than I do on PC sims, but that’s just my two cents.

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What I love about DCS is each aircraft is essentially a game within itself where you receive missions, training, and entire campaigns for each aircraft. It is in no way cheap though and my wallet certainly agrees with you on that :)

It just clogs up the topic though

Running severs are more expensive then you think.

Please, on topic before it gets closed. This is exactly what people mean by an immature community

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This started as a nice, civilized debate, but has now evolved into Infinite Flight vs DCS and too much repetition in my opinion.

This in an Infinite Flight Community, so I think we should try and keep it about infinite flight. I understand this topic is comparing DCS to IF but no need to get into a heated argument about which is better. If you think DCS is better, that’s ok, but don’t keep arguing with others in this thread, and go play DCS if you want to. Once again, this is a forum about Infinite Flight.

This is just my opinion, I’m not trying to offend anyone.


It absolutely is, which is why I was more than happy to spend lots of money on their hard work, but after purchasing MFS2020 for 60 dollars I now own it forever even though they have to spend money on satellite imagery and server costs. Of course Microsoft has millions of dollars at their disposal, which is why they can offer a more affordable product, but I still think IF could be made a bit more affordable.

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That’s not even the topic of the post. The topic was if people were getting their money’s worth from the sim, but it seems as if some can’t even handle that question…


Overall here is my take on it. DCS requires a more upfront payment while IF is more of an overtime payment. Also DCS is only Military planes which I personally don’t fly that often while Infinite flight has all sorts of planes from a X-cub to the A380 with an ever expanding list of planes/reworks coming to Infinteflight.


The topic is comparing DCS to IF, with the image. Why do you think all the conversation has been related to DCS? Also, it’s not about that “I can’t handle the question”, I’m just trying to keep it civil, and on topic instead of lapsing into the same argument over and over. If it continues like this, this topic will be closed.


I’m done… y’all be flagging my posts…😂 “close community” and y’all can’t take criticism…

I voiced my opinion… so imma jus 🚪

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When I mentioned that, I wasn’t talking about you, I was mentioning the others that keep commenting with immature replies. The topic is not a comparison though, the OP was just using DCS as an example of a sim that might be a better choice.


There is always a reason. :)

It’s not about taking criticism, it’s about your constant off topic replies, which is the reason this might be closed. So, bye ✌🏾


Using DCS as an option that might be a better choice creates a comparison. But I do understand your point about immature replies.

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As someone who has DCS also , I hardly play it. Paid all the cash for carrier and F14/F18 addons and yet I find my self sitting on couch watching tv and playing IF more .
$14.99 a month in Australia / 50c a day / $3.50 a week
Or there about I think it’s value for money and you can’t compare a PC sim with a mobile sim both suit different player base. Need a pretty decent computer to fully appreciate dcs and even msfs with addons and joysticks etc all required to fully appreciate $$$.

Everyone has their own preferences, if you find your self getting over it and or the cost perhaps it’s time to step away.
I don’t have any other games on my phone since I’ve been on IF.

With continued updates rolling out and community interaction with development I’m happy to stay committed to infinite flight.

Great community and mobile sim provides hours of entertainment at the reach of my fingers .
One less ice coffee a week covers the cost for me 😝



Not sure how a ranch has anything to do with your opinion in this case. But whatever floats your goat.


Honestly joke or not i agree with u with very little updates and a game can get boring after a while with no updates but the sim is a few years old and also has other aircrafts it isnt only that one jet. Also find this weird JOKE OR NOT to make this during a poll to see the new aircraft but ok