Are you getting what you pay for?

To me, Infinite Flight is about the people and the community more than the actual simulator.

I don’t simulate for reality unless its with a VA, I fly what I want to fly and I do so with people I like to be around.

I see my IF subscription is a membership fee to a community of opportunities, than an entitlement to any specific aircraft, livery or airport.


Atleast It’s not a RFS v IF comparison sort of thing which I hate

You cannot deny the fact that Infinite Flight gives you what they advertise. Sometimes even better than shown.


I know…you guys have a fantastic community that’s obviously very passionate with a few mischievous folks like me starting trouble. Keep up the good work Jason! I was just curious to hear folks opinions on the affordability of mobile sims.


One more thing to add on. DCS makes you purchase other aircraft for 50$ or wayyy more. Their A-10 is 80$ to purchase.

Infinite flight makes you pay 10$ a month with access to the entire globe, multiplayer, this awesome community, and lots and lots of aircraft.

In all fairness their aircraft can take literal decades to perfect and are essentially their own game that comes with missions, training, and campaigns. I hear your though

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Never knew there was a 1 year limit to IF? 🤦‍♂️

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I have the A-10 in DCS, I have flown in countless times and I cannot perfect it yet haha

DCS and Infinite Flight do not cater to the same market nor the same people. Infinite flight may be more expensive, but it is on mobile, while you need a PC for DCS. DCS is a combat simulator so obviously a jet in DCS would be better than a Jet in Infinite Flight. Infinite Flight mainly caters to commercial airliners.

All in all, I think this is an unfair comparison. DCS is an amazing simulator, but saying that it is more worth its value than infinite flight judging by those two pictures is unfair, in my opinion. Not trying to bash this topic at all, just stating my opinion.


I’m not switching flight simulators. A PC simulator that costs so much (including the PC) or a mobile flight simulator that is realistic, portable, has 15mm scenery, more realistic aircraft & liveries than any other mobile flight simulator on the market, greatest aircraft models for a mobile flight simulator, amazing ATC, & a welcoming community? I think I know what I want :)


Very understandable.

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I wouldn’t say a limit, but more of a subscription.

Different strokes for different folks😃

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Infinite Flight may not be as realistic as possible, but the team are working hard to improve it and what do you expect, it’s mobile!


If you love flying the Hog then awesome! Nothing more to say.

The state of our aircraft selection is heavily favored to commercial jets, they are the highest quality in terms of flight models/physics/textures and sounds. Meanwhile the majority of our military aircraft are low texture, they have incorrect flight models, slim if not none liveries to choose from, few details etc.

In my opinion, if we had our fighters and transports up to date as the commercial and civilian aircraft then the balance of users who favor flying civilian would not lean towards the 9:1 ratio we see.

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You do realise you play for 2 years that’s 160? Could be 240 if you pay monthly too

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Not sure where you got the 240 from since you can’t merge two subscriptions together, and no one is stopping you from playing IF for how long you want, whether it’s a month, six months, or a year. You can continue buying subs, or take a break then buy another and repeat. I was simply stating in the original post that the one year sub, which is the highest someone can buy, was $80 usd for iOS devices and not hundreds of dollars.


I will skip the jibber jabber and will jump straight into it and try not to repeat people. These two sims aren’t comparable what so ever. If IF was a pc game sure maybe they could have developed these planes and everything quicker. Sorry you feel this way but many of people are on IF for a reason. They love it!


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If this was an F/A-18 simulator only, you would definitely not be getting what you pay for but it’s not, there’s 61 aircraft to choose from with an up-to-date A-10.

Even if you have the means to get a PC setup, that doesn’t mean that those same people would not still prefer to pay for a high quality simulator on a mobile device.


Because of the subscription based pricing model IF uses it’s quite literally infinitely more expensive than simulators with a base price. Hypothetically if I wanted to play IF for the rest of my life it would cost about 4,000 dollars, whereas other simulators are one base price of let’s say 60 bucks and you get to keep it for life. :)