Are you getting what you pay for?

“good fun” doesn’t seem like the motive. But - 🤷🏻‍♂️

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(Off topic) The burgers look threadful anyway haha


If your looking for military flying, DCS is the way to go.

You said you payed more for IF correct? How much was your mobile device?

Now how much was the PC / Desktop you bought to use DCS?

If you’ll pardon the pun

My IF device was twice as much as my PC and the amount of subscriptions I’ve bought for IF almost adds up the cost of my PC.

It is really sad that this flying brick does not receive any sort of attention in this sim, the demand for long haul and short haul airliners is there and does dominate over other categories but it is a whole different story when one is repeatedly neglected and shunned. Take into consideration why people do not choose to fly military aircraft, look at our selection and I will wait for your feedback. We’ve seen 3 general aviation aircraft released/reworked in the past few years but only one military jet. The A-10 Warthog came out in December 2018 and based on my experience (as an ex member of GAF and the former CEO of a virtual airshow organization) the A-10 is not the best choice out there to fly. It is modern and slightly up to date but not popular. We are left with fewer yet even more favorable options to fly but they are severely old and outdated. There is a demand for these kinds of planes, not a large one but there is a demand. General aviation does have a similar demand to military but GA aircraft have been reworked and updated in the past few years, what are us military aircraft enthusiasts supposed to enjoy here? Rusty toy fighter jets and a Moose that can’t even fly right?

Sure I can move on from infinite Flight and select other simulators for this kind of content, but consider those who are limited to this simulator who do enjoy this genre and have to deal with this selection.


Homie you told me to post this😂
I was only doing it for the gram🥺

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fair but you do agree this is a valid point

Sorry, but those who say that the reason why the Infinite Flight photo looks crappy is because of the difference in device capabilities are incorrect. Sure, Infinite Flight can’t make it look as good as the second photo, but if they were to rework it, it would look much better than it is now.

The simple answer is that the military side of Infinite Flight has been neglected and doesn’t receive as much attention as the commercial side.

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Yeah, somehow it turned into that :(


Hard to believe imo. PC’s need to be great to run DCS and flight sims like those. 1070 GTX is the minimum without lag i’d say.

Infinite Flight is only 1$, 5$'s previously. 10$ a month (80$ I believe) a year for hundreds of liveries and lots of high detail aircraft. The low-detailed aircraft is the one you shown above. I kind of don’t find it fair that you used the worst detailed aircraft in IF to compare it to a very high quality aircraft in a PC Flight sim.

It’s like comparing an iPhone 5 to an Iphone 11 Pro lol

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That’s the goal, right? Maybe not? I’ll take my shenanigans some place else next time.

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I don’t mind the comparison 🙂 That other sim looks really good. On a serious note though, Infinite Flight is about much more than one aircraft. And yes, our fighters are in need of reworks for sure. We’ll get there.



Send me $1000 or more for a PC and I’ll gladly switch to DCS/MSFS/P3D/etc.

I use IF because I don’t have a machine capable of running better non-mobile sims. If I had the ability to upgrade as well as the time, I would. No one thinks that IF competes with these amazing computer sims. They’re not comparable.


DCS is actually much more affordable than I anticipated. A slapped together some PC parts from bestbuy and before I knew it DCS was up and running. I’d me more than happy to share my specs, but keep in mind most of my parts were on sale.

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You realize those planes you speak of are mostly airliners correct? Take a look at the military selection.

Very correct statement that the hornet is the worst detailed plane in the sim.

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Infinite Flight all the way! It’s not like they did false advertising, I’m getting what I paid for and I would gladly pay again.

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Yep, I am. That’s another reason The A-10 like you stated is not popular but I love to fly it. The F-16, F-22 are okay, not animated in the cockpit or anything and you can fly it fine. But he took the F-18 which is the least quality aircraft in the sim.