Are you getting what you pay for?

They are 2 different devices. A PC can be extremely powerful. But a cellphone can’t support MFS2020 too, right? So you can send ideas. Why not?

Well that’s okay I guess. The price can be a little steep, but I’m happy to pay for something I will use daily, but I wouldn’t probably if I wasn’t playing it as often.

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Absolutely correct, Matt! My PC set up costed FAR less than my IF device and subscription costs over the years. It’s not even close!

I’m on rocco’s wing here… the amount of money I’ve spent on IF pays for like half my PC and would have payed for all of my DCS modules and still had hundreds of dollars to spare…

Yes I like IF… but DCS is the way to go in general… you don’t need a spaceship to run DCS…

Mods & Staff I still love y’all and like IF… ion want the flames for this comment🔥😂😂

Also Make C-17 Great Again!!! #VoteMOOSE


I would never gonna expect a mobile sim to be on the same level as a powerful PC sim, but i think it is very reasonable to expect more affordable prices for a mobile sim. It’s hard to justify spending more money on IF than I have on PC simulators.


Here’s my two cents…

Let’s not get carried away here. Opinions have been raised now and we understand your point. There’s no point going on about the price as that isn’t going to change, especially as new aircraft and reworks are being added. I also hardly think that putting IF down about its price is something that is necessary. I’m not trying to be rude, but as this topic will keep going to the top of the lost on the home screen, do we really need to be repeating ourselves?

Well, I don’t have a powerful PC to play DCS. So yeah, I’m getting my money’s worth.

Some of these responses seem a tad bit aggressive/belittling, so here’s my opinion:

Theoretically, IF could be the most expensive flight sim there is, since you have to pay a monthly subscription of $10 USD (excluding the 6 month and annual subs). This is $120 USD a year, which is twice as much as DCS.
Now, let it be known that Infinite Flight as a mobile sim does exceptionally better than other mobile sims, and I do prefer it over other mobile sims for the time being, because newer mobile sims such as Carrier Landings HD with graphics through the roof, and coming multiplayer are looking good.
Now, with that being said, no, I do not think I am getting all of my money’s worth. Only because of the update schedule structure, and features that seem more important to the devs, than what they are to me. I also am not flying that much anymore due to school, so that plays a part as well.

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A minimum spec PC can run DCS on medium graphics 😂😂

Most PC’s cost less then an IPhone so in the long run it’s a heck of a lot cheaper

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This is exactly what I mean

Can we please stop repeating ourselves.

There are many affordable PC options out there that I would be more than happy to refer you to. As I said my entire IF set up including subscription costs is about double what I spent on my PC. I was thoroughly surprised when I found out how forgiving DCS is on lower end computers such as mine.

True, I do believe you don’t just by your device for Infinite Flight. You communicate, play games, utilize tools and much more. But DCS imo is much more expensive with the aircraft cost which are more then 50-60$ each.

Not necessarily, project metal is not the sole solution here.

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I agree! Although I don’t use it too often anymore I have no doubt that IF is the best mobile sim and should be charging steep prices considering all the features we get, but I think 80 dollars might be a tad bit too steep for me atleast. As I said earlier it’s just hard for me to spend more on a mobile sim than I do on PC sims, but that’s just my two cents.

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What I love about DCS is each aircraft is essentially a game within itself where you receive missions, training, and entire campaigns for each aircraft. It is in no way cheap though and my wallet certainly agrees with you on that :)

It just clogs up the topic though

Running severs are more expensive then you think.

Please, on topic before it gets closed. This is exactly what people mean by an immature community

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