Are you getting what you pay for?

60 dollars on DCS vs Hundreds of dollars on Infinite Flight. You decide if you’re getting your moneys worth.


Totally different things, DCS has the power of a PC while IF has outdated tablets. Also, DCS is much more pricier then 60 and IF much cheaper


It’s Funny how I’ve spent more on IF than my DCS set up.


I’d choose this option any day


No, after being with IF for close to five years I don’t believe that there’s a worth in it anymore. There’s not enough updates, nor is the community mature enough. Be prepared for a whole lot of hate coming your way :)


That depends on your device. The highest on Apple devices is $80 usd, not hundreds of dollars

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Hello Rocco! I’m sorry your not feeling great about what your spending your money on. The aircraft you showed above is one of the oldest aircraft in the fleet. The great thing about the forum here is that you can vote for what you want to see like a rework of this aircraft for example. Infinite Flight besides the older aircraft is an amazing simulator on our mobile devices in my opinion and there are many newer aircraft to explore. I’m getting my moneys worth. I get to fly multiplayer with high definition scenery, a diverse fleet of aircraft and liveries, air traffic control, real world weather, etc. I can go on for hours.


Then go ahead and leave lF if you want something better, right?

We all move on at some point. DCS is a better sim overall I will say in the military area.


Oh I haven’t used it seriously in a year. I posted this at the request of another person, so don’t take this too seriously. It’s all in good fun


You are literally saying that all the planes are as bad as the F-18…

Dang you’re really hilarious

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Well to be fair IF is a mobile flight sim while DCS is a computer sim
So yh ur getting what u pay for in a mobile sim although it would be nice to see some more aircrafts
Even then DCS isn’t the BEST flight simulator for computers
MSFS 2020 is the best for computers but DCS is good for what it is

Both have their advantages, you are getting your moneys worth in IF as well as DCS. For those like you, DCS may suit you better and in that case I’d cancel the IF sub.

This was posted just to make a joke with a friend. I certainly didn’t think anyone would even pay attention to this, but in all seriousness DCS is miles better than MFS2020…right now MFS is totally bugged out, which is the be expected of a new sim, but I do see a bright future for MFS once all the kinks are worked out.

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You may want to make it a bit more obvious then. People will pay attention to a post like this.

Well in all fairness, going on an app’s community forum and saying something else is better triggers this response.

That’s like someone going to Apple’s forum and making a topic on why Samsung is better than Apple. Just doesn’t work out for the OP


Oh well they’ll get tired of my shenanigans eventually

I bet you’re one of these guys too, eh?


“It doesn’t look like the commercial, totally not getting what I paid for…”


Actually I only eat locally sourced organic produce, so I’m not one of “those guys” 😉


Atta boy… ;)

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