Are you excited about budget long haul carriers

Share your comments below about your thoughts of this new class of airline. I really look forward to fly on these Major BLHCs are:

Australia Based Carrier Jetstar

Singapore based Carrier Scoot

And Scandinavian carrier Norwigien Air Shuttle/International

Again share your thoughts below 👇


The fact they 3 use 787s… =/, @SingaporeAirlines


I think it’s brilliant and it will encourage flag carriers to also lower prices as there is not much difference in terms of service and the product when comparing some flag carriers to low cost airlines

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I agree, the below video has more info on this


I don’t like it because we already have great long haul carriers like American, Air Canada, and British Airways.


Then stick to what you like. More choices, options and competition is always good.

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No I’m not excited! Max

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More options and more choice, good to see that people can travel overseas cheaply but personally I would hate being cramped in a tiny seat for 12 hours staright

I’ve been on the Cebu Pacific A330-300 from YSSY-RPLL. It wasn’t too bad, the flight was practically empty so we just moved around. I think it’s great if you’re looking for a cost-friendly solution for travelling long distances.

Jetstar has been servicing long haul routes for a while now. They have their benefits and disadvantages, including that you get a really small seat but the price has great value for money.

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I’ve been on the Jetstar 787-8 from Bali to Brisbane. I like how they have the IFE screen and you can pay if you wanna watch something.

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Never been on any Long Haul LCC Before, But from what I see in FlightReports, They are actually pretty nice. Though I think most of them are flying on Medium Haul routes

Don’t forget AirAsia X, Though they don’t operate B787s. Instead, they operated A330 as the backbone for their operations

Long haul budget carriers always struggle, as they need to provide food, tv and the like.

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